::   tasty jams
::   cool covers
::   tear-the-house-down r&r
::   stompin' funk


||::- Sat 9/16  9:00pm
The Black Duck
605 Riverside Ave, Westport CT - (203) 227-7978

||::- Fri 9/22  9:00pm
Tiernan's Pub
       187 Main Street, Stamford CT - (203) 353-8566

||::- Sat 11/4  9:00pm
The Black Duck
       605 Riverside Ave, Westport CT - (203) 227-7978


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Vertigo brings their incredible musicianship, energy and groove to a big bouncy repertoire of danceable rock and funk classics and currents that you know and love. They also like to create their own re-imagined versions of some of the best tunes of the last 40 years, and they're thinking about sneaking in a few originals, too. 

Vertigo has a great time playing and you'll have a great time, too!  Come check 'em out - at this very moment, they're busy conquering the vastness of the greater metropolitan Fairfield County area, and likely coming soon to a club near you!

"Best mojo this side of the Housatonic!"
                   - Bubba

Yo - check it!  Vertigo is honored to have been the editors' pick for best band in the "Best of the Gold Coast CT" awards!!  Come to a gig and see what all the fuss is about! :: (203) 984-9452 :: Site